October 31, 2023: Digging for Cures with CBS News!

Milo wasn't just your average construction worker this Halloween. He was digging for cures!

We decided to lean into his love of excavators and Blippi to design and build a custom costume for Milo this year during his school parade. CBS News took an interest in Milo's story and joined us early in the day at his school to watch him strut his stuff in cool costume. KPIX reporter, Jose Martinez, took some video of Milo, interviewed us and hoped to meet again later that evening when we were out trick or treating.

However, our planned adventures took a turn for the worse when Milo suddenly became very lethargic during the parade, with limited response. So instead of trick or treating as planned, we landed in the ER and Milo was admitted for a three night stay in the pediatric department for observation. The suspected diagnosis was a viral infection that caused a lactic acidosis and metabolic crash. But thankfully he is out of the hospital and CBS still managed to capture his beautiful story. Check it out!

May 4, 2023: May the Fourth Be With You!

Milo had an opportunity to stay at George Mark Children's House in Sean Leandro last week and lucky for him it happened to coincide with a Star Wars celebration for the kids and families.